Charity sector workforce increases to over 900,000

The number of people working in charities went up by 26,000 in accounts and annual returns filed in the year to June 2014 with the Charity Commission.

June 2014 figures show that 900,864 people were employed in the voluntary sector, compared to 874,829 in accounts filed in the previous year.

The Commission figures are updated quarterly, and are historical figures based on accounts filed in the year. Most accounts will cover the years up to March 2013, December 2013 and March 2014.

Overall income rose by more than £3billion from £61.1billion in to £64.2billion. Half of the income increase can be attributed to trading activities, which rose to £6.2billion from £4.7billion.

Investment gains, which are not considered part of income, rose from almost £3billion to £8.6billion.

The figures show a slight rise in the number of charities from 163,510 to 164,070. The number of trustees was broadly similar at just over 145,000.