Employer sponsored volunteering

A large scale project on employer sponsored volunteering (ESV) has demonstrated that voluntary work can benefit both businesses and the local community.

Dr Joanne Cook, in collaboration with Dr Jon Burchell, University of Sheffield, undertook a large scale project into ESV and brokering these relationships, and have reveal key findings from the second phase of this work, including:

  • Employee volunteering projects have financial implications for third sector organisations taking part, so longer term projects offer better value;
  • It can be difficult for medium and small scale third sector organisations to engage with ESV agendas, as they don’t always have the infrastructure; and
  • Many third sector organisations need brokerage support to enable them to pitch what they can offer businesses.

For further information and resources visit www2.hull.ac.uk/hubs/research/research-groups/organisational-behaviour-hrm/projects/employer-sponsored-volunteeri.aspx.