Young Black Job Seeker’s Guide

Communities Inc have been working with young black people to produce a simple job seeker’s guide that covers the key barriers to securing a job.

This guide was produced following the social enterprise’s previous involvement in the Ready to Work partnership project, where young black people were confused and struggled to make sense of job seeking resources they had access to.

Aimed at young people, the guide aims to be visually appealing and sets out top tips in where to look for a job, how to apply and how to do a good interview.

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Communities Inc’s purpose is to determine the needs and priorities of BME communities and to raise these with strategic agencies; serve the most vulnerable in society; give young people a chance to gain valuable experience through project placements, one to one coaching, volunteering and shadowing; work with individuals who are active in their community and provide opportunities for networking, support and volunteering; ensure that the beneficiaries of their work benefit not only in the quality of their life but financially by involving the community in the delivery of projects; and work in particular with and to benefit excluded and marginalised communities e.g. disaffected young people, refugee and asylum-seekers, and BME communities.

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