Understanding the third sector

Local government think tank LGiU has published the first of two summaries of the Third Sector Resource Centre’s report Understanding the third sector: the work of the Third Sector Research Centre 2008–2013.

The summary can be viewed by LGiU members on their website at www.lgiu.org.uk/briefing/understanding-the-third-sector-the-work-of-the-third-sector-research-centre-2008-2013-part-1/?dm_i=A1N,2HIJ7,5J5WNP,92ZHD,1 and the full report is available on the Third Sector Resource Centre website at www.birmingham.ac.uk/generic/tsrc/publications/tsrc-major-reports.aspx?dm_i=A1N,2HIJ7,5J5WNP,91UMJ,1.

A limited number of printed copies of the full report are available free of charge. To request a copy or copies email info@tsrc.ac.uk.