Charity sector workforce grows by 35,000

The number of people employed in the voluntary sector rose by 35,000 in accounts and annual returns filed in the year to March 2014 with the Charity Commission.

Commission figures, when compared to figures for the previous year, show that full-time equivalent staff numbers rose from 862,000 in accounts filed in the year to March 2013, compared to 897,000 for the year to March 2014.

The Commission figures are published quarterly and are historical figures based on accounts filed. This means the employment figures will mostly refer to accounts filed for the years ending December 2013, March 2013 and December 2012.

The figures show the number of people volunteering at 3. million, but changes in the way this is calculated mean it is not comparable to the previous year. Trustee numbers remained almost static at 947,000.

The same figures show that charity sector income rose by over £3.7billion to £63.64billion in accounts filed in the same period, compared to the previous year - a 6.2 per cent increase in income.

Voluntary income rose from £18.9billion to just under £20billion, and trading to raise funds rose from £4.6billion to just under £6billion. Income from charitable activities rose from £31.5billion to £32.7billion.

Investment gains, which are not considered part of income, rose from £3.3billion to £6.4billion.

The figures also show an increase in the total number of charities on the register during the period, from 163,100 to 164,200.

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