2014 UK Civil Society Almanac

The voluntary sector’s income fell by £700million in real terms to £39.2billion in the year to March 2012, according to data in the 2014 UK Civil Society Almanac, published by NCVO and the Third Sector Research Centre.

Total sector income fell by around 1.8 percent, with income from government, the sector’s second largest source of income, falling by £1.3billion in the period, from £15billion to £13.7billion, a drop of 8.7 percent in real terms.

All other major sources of income increased or remained relatively stable. Income from individuals, the sector’s largest source of income, rose from £16.9billion to £17.4billion, a rise of three percent.

In addition, sector staffing levels rose during the period covered by the Almanac, from 566,000 at the start of 2002 to 800,000 at the end of 2012 and the number of people formally volunteering between 2012 and 2013 was 29 percent at least once a month and 44 percent once a year.

The Almanac looks at voluntary sector organisations across the UK. It differs from the Charity Commission figures because it excludes many registered charities including independent schools, faith groups, housing associations and charities that are also quangos.

For further information and to download the 2014 Almanac visit http://data.ncvo.org.uk.