Making it easier for civil society to work with the state

Cabinet Office has published two reports on the new opportunities the government is providing for the civil society as public services are opened up.

The government has made a commitment in the coalition government agreement to “… support the creation and expansion of mutuals, cooperatives, charities and social enterprises, and enable these groups to have much greater involvement in the running of public services”.
The first report discusses:

  • New opportunities for civil society, as public services are opened up;
  • Working with commissioners to ensure that new contract opportunities are as open as possible; and
  • Helping the sector become more competitive in this emerging landscape.

The second report provides a progress update on opening up public service delivery to the sector since December 2012. It also sets out how the government has been improving access to public service delivery opportunities sector by:

  • Improving commissioning;
  • Increasing voluntary sector competitiveness; and
  • Encouraging volunteering.

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