CEFET archive link

One East Midlands now houses the link to the archive of CEFET, which has been the European Social Fund (ESF) Technical Assistance organisation for the East Midlands since 1991.

During this time CEFET helping VCS organisations to access funding and shape the programme at regional, England and UK level through representation, analysis, policy and strategic planning work.

Since 2013, CEFET no longer continued as a formal organisation, but following agreement on principles and priorities the legacy of this important work in ESF is carrying on through One East Midlands.

The archive charts the history and achievements of CEFET and the region’s third sector in influencing the programme and through that millions of pounds of ESF funding.

It is hoped that the information in the archive will help to inspire and strengthen future ESF work to support the most vulnerable.

To access the archive visit http://cefetarchive.wordpress.com or One East Midlands projects page at www.oneeastmidlands.org.uk/current.