CES PQASSO Quality Mark

The Charity Commission, the independent regulator of charities in England and Wales, has endorsed the latest version of Charities Evaluation Services (CES)' PQASSO Quality Mark.

The Charity Commission’s Quality Assessment Endorsement Programme aims to increase governance standards and accountability within charities by encouraging the sector to develop quality standards that charities commit to.

The Commission only endorses systems that meet its benchmark for comprehensive, robust and objective assessments of how charities are run. Endorsed quality systems require compliance and accountability, and test for those key aspects of a charity's governance that are most likely to produce a well-run, accountable and sustainable organisation.

CES is a national charity with over 23 years' experience in helping organisations to improve their effectiveness and demonstrate the outcomes and impact of their work.

PQASSO, the CES quality standard, is the lead quality standard in use in the voluntary sector, with over 14,000 copies of PQASSO have been sold since its initial development in 1997.

The PQASSO standards provide the basis for the PQASSO Quality Mark - the externally assessed award for PQASSO users. The PQASSO Quality Mark assesses charities using independent reviewers, to confirm achievement of the PQASSO standards.

The PQASSO Quality Mark is one of several quality systems established by and for charities which have been supported by the Commission.

For further information on the CES visit www.ces-vol.org.uk.

For further information on the PQASSO Quality Mark visit www.ces-vol.org.uk/PQASSO.

For further information on the Charity Commission’s Quality Assessment Endorsement Programme visit www.charitycommission.gov.uk/about-the-commission/our-status/our-work-with-other-regulators-and-organisations/endorsing-quality-standards.