Wellbeing East network meeting 22 October 2013 – post event page


The first full network meeting for the Wellbeing East network took place on 22 October 2013 in Cambridge.

The event provided an opportunity for the 34 delegates in attendance to:

  • Find out more about the current aims and objectives of the strategic programme;
  • Hear updates on the health and social care agenda and find out about useful tools and resources;
  • Share information on current engagement with health bodies;
  • Discuss the network priorities for the East region and how this can best be achieved; and
  • Consider the appointment of a local steering group for this important area of work.

Since the closure of COVER in July 2013, Regional Voices strategic partner work with the Department of Health in the East region has been continued by One East Midlands, under the umbrella Wellbeing East.

Together Regional Voices support a huge national network of local VCS organisations working in the sphere of health and social care. One East Midlands role is to ensure that these organisations understand changes in structure and policy across health and wellbeing, learn and share intelligence and best practice and are able to engage effectively local statutory partners.

To help One East Midlands ensure that this work supports existing local progress and does not undermine or undo recent achievements, we hosted the first full Wellbeing East network meeting, viewing it as an opportunity to talk directly with the network to identify the issues and themes that the VCS feel require the greatest focus in the East of England and to build on the existing firm foundations built by COVER.

Useful resources from the event can be downloaded below:

For further information about Wellbeing East visit www.wellbeingeast.org.uk or email wellbeingeast@one-em.org.uk.