End Racism This Generation launched

Runnymede, the national independent racial equality thinktank, has launched End Racism This Generation, its campaign to raise awareness that race equality and racism are still big problems in Britain.

They are asking individuals and organisations to make changes in their own lives, workplaces and communities to tackle racism and will capturing these pledges for action on their new website at www.end-racism.org to inspire others to follow suit.

To watch and share their video raising awareness of the campaign visit www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Umfl4xTgTQ&list=UU9TriyK6-HhGJCD7MqXtRVw.

Runnymede commissioned a survey to launch the campaign, which found that 60 percent of respondents from BME backgrounds worry that they will be discriminated against because of the colour of their skin, their ethnic origin or religion. To see more of the survey results visit www.end-racism.org/attitudes-racism-new-survey.

To like the campaign on Facebook visit www.facebook.com/runnymedetrust and to follow it on Twitter visit https://twitter.com/EndRacismUK and use the hashtag #EndRacism.