What training can you offer to health professionals and commissioners?

One East Midlands, on behalf of Wellbeing East Midlands, is creating a directory of training offered by the VCS for the benefit of health and social care professionals. If you offer bespoke courses which support better health outcomes and might be of interest to the health workforce then we would like to include it. 

As part of our work with the East Midlands Local Education and Training Board (LETB) we want to know what training your organisation and other VCS organisations across the region can offer to help health professionals and commissioners. This information will be collated into a directory which will not only help us demonstrate what training the region’s VCS can offer to the health sector but also generate potential customers for your training.

The directory can include training on a range of themes including (as examples):

  • issue or condition-specific training;
  • addressing health inequalities such as working with particular under-represented groups or communities or:
  • promoting new or innovative working practices to prevention or achieving improved outcomes.

If your organisation offers any suitable training please email details, including price, format etc, through to us at office@one-em.org.uk by Friday 4 October at the latest.

We will then collate and promote the information to the LETB and other potential interested bodies.


Background on LETBs

LETBs were first introduced in Liberating the NHS: Developing the healthcare workforce - From design to delivery and are part of the new education and training architecture for the health sector.

Their aim is to bring education, training and development together locally in order to improve the quality of care and treatment of patients through the development of skills and values for staff. All providers of NHS services, including those within the voluntary and community sector, will need to be a member of, and be involved with the work of the LETB.

Providers now have the opportunity to lead the education and training agenda and help decide the skills and values they require for staff and how funding is spent.

The three main functions of a LETB are to:

  • Identify and agree the local needs for education and training to deliver the right people and skills to meet future service needs;
  • Plan and commission high quality education and training in its region in order to secure future workforce supply and improve patient outcomes; and
  • Bring providers and relevant stakeholders together to provide a forum for developing the whole workforce.