Locality Brokers pilot project

The Locality Brokers pilot project is offering two new services for community groups seeking property professionals with a track record of working with the community sector.

The first service is a directory of firms enable community groups to search for property professionals who can help as well leave feedback on firms that they may have worked with in the past.

The second service enables groups to advertise contract opportunities, setting out their requirements for property professionals. The advert is circulated to the property professionals signed up with Locality Brokers.

Guidance on developing a brief for the professional and considering how to make a request for work pro bono or at cost can be discussed with the Locality Brokers Project Coordinator.

The services will help community groups planning to build or refurbish property to track down experienced property professionals.

For further information visit www.localitybrokers.org.uk or email Diana Moore, Project Coordinator at info@localitybrokers.org.uk.