What factors predict volunteering among youths

The Third Sector Research Centre has published What Factors Predict Volunteering Among Youths in the UK?, the first large-scale analysis of youth volunteering in the UK.

Key findings from the report, which looks at a nationally representative sample of 4,760 people aged from 10 to 15, include:

  • 52 percent of young people volunteered at least once a year and, of these, 19 percent did so at least once a month;
  • Young people who take part in cultural activities are 65 percent more likely to volunteer than those who do not; and
  • Young people are also more likely to volunteer frequently if they are female, live in a rural area; have greater numbers of close friends, attend religious classes and have at least one parent who also volunteers.

For further information on the research, to download the briefing paper, listen to a podcast and read a blog on young people volunteering, visit www.tsrc.ac.uk/NewsandEvents/Culturemakesyouthmorelikelytovolunteer/tabid/1021/Default.aspx.