Using the internet to recruit volunteers

Charity Digital News has published four tips on their website on how to use the internet to help recruit volunteers.

The four tips are:

  • Advertise volunteering opportunities on online databases - In addition to advertising on your own charity website, enlist the help of online databases, including Do-It ( and Give Where You Live (, which allow volunteers to find opportunities local to them for causes they are affiliated with.
  • Promote volunteering through the web - Many charities have online services which people can get involved with.
  • Use digital tools to promote campaigns - Don’t stop at Facebook and Twitter, and create videos for YouTube and a Pinterest gallery to show everyone to process of volunteering, from recruitment to what they do in the field.
  • Engage with influencers - Find out who your social media influencers are and make contact with them. Invite them to share their volunteering stories with others to encourage more people to get involved.