Get the perfect volunteer - creating volunteer roles

KnowHowNonProfit have launched a video course covering how to attract and keep good volunteers by creating results focused volunteer roles.

The course, which costs £8.99 including VAT, includes four online training videos, downloadable resources and a forum discussion moderated by the trainer, non- profit volunteering consultant Rob Jackson.

The course structure will cover why it is important to create great roles for volunteers, how to identify possible roles for volunteers, why and how to make volunteer roles results-oriented and what role descriptions should include.

By the end of the course participants will have processes and practical ideas for developing great volunteer roles, have started to develop a volunteer role to help you in your job and be able to help colleagues to develop more volunteer roles. Upon booking the course participants will also be able to download a result-focused volunteer role template and a task-focused volunteer role template.

For further information, including to watch video clips and to purchase the course, visit