Results of One East Midlands members survey

One East Midlands has published the results of its annual members’ survey, which was carried out to discover our members’ views on our work, purposes and values, future priorities, influence, how we can improve our services and our updated membership scheme.

Key findings from the survey include:

  • 93.2% of respondents said One EM delivered information very well or well. 75.1% said we advocated in the region very well or well. 75% said we developed regional networks either very well or well. 62.5% said we maintained our regional networks very well or well.
  • 66.7% said we campaigned on behalf of the sector nationally very well or well. 50.1% said we increased the visibility of the sector very well or well. 53.3% that we influenced policies that impact on VCS organisations in the East Midlands quite well. 56.3% said that we improved the relationships between the sector and regional stakeholders either very well or quite well.
  • 60% rated the One EM events they attended in the last year as excellent or good, with 40% rating them as okay.
  • 81.3% rated our website as excellent or good and 81.3% rated our e-bulletins as very good or good.
  • 83.3% strongly agreed or agreed that we support a connected and influential VCS in the East Midlands, 78.5% strongly agreed or agreed that we are accountable to our members, 85.8% strongly agreed or agreed that we display sound knowledge of the VCS in the East Midlands and the issues that it faces and 85.7% strongly agreed or agreed that we act in a way that promotes equality.
  • 81.3% thought our priority and focus over the next 12 months should be providing information, 56.3% advocating and 31.3% our regional networks.
  • 71.4% strongly agreed or agreed that their organisation is routinely consulted and valued by the public sector in policy development and service design and delivery and 78.5% strongly agreed or agreed that One EM has made them aware of opportunities to shape public policy in the region.
  • 75% of members, if they hadn’t already done so, were planning to renew their membership of One East Midlands.

To download the full membership survey report, including respondent comments, click here.