Call out for CPD opportunities

VCS organisations mobilised to identify what they can offer in terms of expertise and skills; with improved marketing of the VCS offer so colleges have a better understanding of what is available”  Ducks in a row report - recommendation 6.2.6


As part of the Closer Links project, VCS and third sector organisations are being invited to put forward ideas of specialist/niche Continuing Professional Development (CPD) opportunities that could be offered to college staff.

Colleges run regular CPD for their own staff and CPD in third sector learning and skills provision and the lifelong learning sector (LLS) also regularly takes place.

This doesn’t just cover internal provision relating to teaching and learning or organisational effectiveness but often encompasses wider professional development activities; taking in knowledge, skills and practical experience or advice offered by a medley of different sources and providers.

Between now and the end of June 2013 the Closer Links project will be compiling a menu of potential CPD activities available from VCS and third sector organisations. The project will then circulate this list to the regions colleges ahead of the summer recess.

While each college will have its own approach to CPD, its own particular view of the nature and role of CPD and the form it will take in that college, we hope that by providing a range of additional ideas it will demonstrate how the VCS and third sector can enrich the colleges CPD offer to staff.

Relevant CPD activity can vary widely with respect to the philosophy, content and format and could also include providing general information sessions on the work of your organisation. Rather than being too prescriptive, the project is open to suggestions of the types of CPD you think it would be useful for college staff to have access to.

If your organisation would like to be involved we will need the following information from you:

  • The name of your organisation [including your organisations web address] and the name and contact details of the person to direct enquires to.
  • what specialist/niche CPD type training opportunities you feel your organisation could offer a college.
  • the duration and cost of the training.
  • who the training would be aimed at (tutors/support staff).
  • any prior level of knowledge required.
  • the geographical locations you are able to deliver training

Please note that only the CPD training that you have identified as being suitable for you to offer to a college for their staff to participate in will be included in the menu.

As we will be circulating this as an e-document to avoid printing costs, please send the details to Jayne Quantrill, Closer Links Development Officer, at For further information please email or call Jayne on 0115 934 9572.

For further information on the Closer Links project visit