Clore Social Fellowship 2014 applications

The Clore Social Leadership Programme is now looking for its fifth cohort of Fellows, with applications open from 29 April to midday on 10 June.

The Clore Social Leadership Programme (CSLP) aims to support aspiring leaders in the social sector who are working for the benefit of individuals and communities across the UK and internationally.

The lack of opportunities for leaders to develop their skills is one of the most serious challenges facing charities, social enterprises and the wider social sector. This is being compounded by the current economic climate. The Clore Social Leadership Programme has been set up to meet this need.

CSLP is based in London, but due to the flexibility of the Fellowships, we welcome and encourage applications from all over the UK.

The Programme recruits Fellows through an open application process. Potential Fellows will work in, or closely with, the wider social sector, as a member of staff working in a charity, community organisation, social enterprise or co-operative, or in social housing, and will have demonstrated their leadership potential in some of the work they have already undertaken over at least five years working in or with the social sector.

To be eligible, applicants must be working or volunteering in or closely with the wider social sector and will have demonstrated leadership potential in some of the work they have already undertaken. Applicants working internationally for UK-based organisations are eligible.

A Clore Social Fellowship is fully-funded and includes a bursary element for individual Fellows or their employers and each Fellow will benefits from a personalised leadership development programme.

In addition, CSLP will cover the direct costs associated with the Programme, including tuition fees, accommodation and travel costs for residential training and development courses.

In 2014 they will be offering up to 20 Fellowships to exceptional individuals who have the potential to take on a significant leadership role in the wider social sector.

For further information on the Programme, the current Clore Social Fellows and how to apply, visit