Analysis published of successful TLI bids

Navca has published its analysis of the 74 successful Transforming Local Infrastructure bids.

The 74 bidders, which were groups of local support organisations in the VCS covering 152 local authority areas, were chosen to share £30million of government funding administered by the Big Fund. The scheme aims to increase long-term sustainability of local infrastructure to reduce the burden on central government.

Navca's analysis, which outlines the proposals for how the bidders would do this, shows that 27 per cent saw co-location as a way to improve efficiency. 

A number of successful bidders were working on different community asset management systems, with one identifying how community assets could be more efficiently used as shared premises for the sector.

While a quarter discussed sharing assets, 40 per cent discussed an intention towards greater collaboration, integration or reconfiguration, which may or may not lead to merger. 

Some bids identified that sharing their buildings with others in the sector could also be a source of income generation.  

Income generation is described as a key feature of the bids, with the majority advising they would look at increasing fundraising activity or develop and market saleable services.

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