Results of mini SFC post election survey

Following the PCC elections on Thursday 15 November, One East Midlands undertook a mini survey of the members of the SFC networks it supports. The results of the survey, which received 41 responses, are as follows:

  • 80.5% of SFC network members who responded to the survey voted in the PCC elections, compared with an average public turnout for the elections across Derbyshire, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire of only 16.5%.
  • 80.5% of respondents to the survey also encouraged voting in the PCC elections to other people.
  • When broken down by the police authority they were eligible to vote within, rather than the police authority which the VCS organisation they represent is located within, 24.4% of respondents were eligible to vote in Derbyshire, 7.3% in Leicestershire, 4.9% in Lincolnshire, 17.1% in Northamptonshire and 46.3% in Nottinghamshire.

Thank you to all of you who responded to this survey.