Talent Match 261012 - Steering group and project governance

The Steering Group met for an additional meeting on the 23rd October to discuss potential conflicts of interest of some steering group members at this point in the process.

The Steering group acknowledged the valuable contributions to date from organisations that may also be interested in a future delivery role.  This applied in particular to groups working with young people or employers.  However, the group agreed that it would not be reasonable for these organisations to have a role in agreeing the submitted prospectus.

From this point forward all members of the Steering Group with a conflict of interest have stepped down and the Steering Group has been replaced by an independent ‘Prospectus Development Group’.  This group includes previous members of the Steering group without a delivery conflict and comprises a large proportion of young people who are actively contributing to the writing of the prospectus. 

Minutes of the discussions of this meeting can be found here.

The Prospectus Development Group will meet next on the 29th October to discuss progress of the prospectus.