EMVY Network Forum Event 2013: Young People and Health – Post event page

Taking place in Nottingham on Wednesday 23 October and attracting over 50 delegates, the 2013 EMVY Network Forum Event focused on young people and health.

The event provided an opportunity for VCS organisations from across the East Midlands with an interest in young people to share learning and experience, including:

  • Understanding the new health and social care landscape - What has changed and how can the VCS engage;
  • Positive actions for young people - A summary of national support available, current research and good practice examples;
  • Action into practice - Examples from the region;
  • Building the voice of young people in health and social care - National and local activity on this agenda; and
  • Facilitating discussions with clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), Public Health and Healthwatch - How we can work together for better outcomes for young people.

The following speakers presented at the event:

  • Bev Taylor, Policy Lead on Public Health, CQC and Healthwatch from Regional Voices
  • Juliet Hillier, Deputy Chief Executive of Brook on behalf of the Young People’s Health Partnership
  • Mark Thrasivoulou, Young People’s Coordinator at First Steps
  • Emma Wightman, Senior Youth Worker at the Blend Youth Project
  • Maureen O’ Callaghan, Director of Now Unlimited
  • Sue Thomas, Regional Manager at Children England
  • Louise Bates, Public Health Manager, and Adele Styles, Children and Young People’s Engagement Officer, at Derby City Council
  • Sophie Contractor, Head of Programmes at Changemakers.

The expected outcomes for delegates at the event included:

  • Being better equipped to understand and engage with the new health and social care landscape;
  • Learning from research and practice around the health of young people including hints and tips;
  • Improving the way the VCS articulates the contribution of its work to improve positive health outcomes; and
  • Sharing practical models for the engagement of young people in health commissioning and shaping mechanisms for this to happen in the region.

Information, presentations and resources from the event are available below. Additional items will be added at a later date, including the post event report.



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