East Midlands Local Infrastructure Symposium – Post event page

One East Midlands and BIG Assist hosted a joint event, on Wednesday 26 June in Leicester, for Local Infrastructure Organisations across the East Midlands to look at the future direction and new opportunities for local infrastructure.

Local infrastructure organisations have battled through a turbulent period which continues to see reductions in Local Authority budgets, huge changes to NHS and health structures, the introduction of ‘market-led’ models of support services and increasing demands for service with demonstration of impact.

However, future opportunities to work with the developing Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) and new health delivery structures exist. As well as the potential to reap rewards from achievements made through various transformation and streamlining programmes.

The event provided a rare opportunity for LIOs to consider collectively a range of powerful issues currently facing the VCS, including:

  • The impact of ‘market-led’ infrastructure (The ‘Big Assist’ model)
  • Sector’s response to welfare reform,
  • The rise of LEPs and implications for the VCS,
  • Equality Impact Assessments – bridging the gap where specialist no longer exist
  • Measuring impact – choosing from the range of tools available
  • Keeping up with health – tracking and engaging with emerging health structures
  • Infrastructure Transformation – lessons from TLI

The event covered a wide range of strategic topics in a short period of time so enthusiastic engagement is an essential requirement of all delegates. The facilitated event also provided the opportunity to share experience and learn from one another. 

The main presentations and presentations from the workshops* alongside other useful resources can be downloaded below. In addition you can view a summary of the day according to Twitter here.


Main presentations:


Workshop presentations:


Useful resources:


*Please note that there was not a presentation from the Equality Impact Assessment workshop.