Community Empowerment Network

Community empowerment is what happens when people are able to get involved in and make decisions about their communities. It is central to the government’s vision of enabling local people and communities to manage assets, set budgets, decide on local services, and more.

Voluntary and community groups, local authorities, government departments and the general public all play a part in getting people involved in decisions about the services and activities available in their communities.

Involving people in decisions that affect their lives, such as how local health services are run or what activities are offered in a community centre, can change the way things work to benefit more people.

One East Midlands set up the East Midlands Community Empowerment Network in May 2011, after taking over the EMEP website ( For further information on the network email

Members of the network receive a monthly Community Empowerment e-bulletin by email. Archive issues can be downloaded below.