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This page contains links to useful resources relating to the Closer Links project, including specific resources for the main activity strands, from the briefing events and links to web pages offering support. For further information on the Closer Links project click here.


Activity Strand 1

  • Good practice in contracting checklist for lead providers and subcontractors - This checklist, and the links in it, will help you to write and/or review your draft contract. They include the key aspects you will need to consider.
  • Due Diligence Checklist for lead providers and subcontractors - This checklist identifies key factors to consider before entering into a contract. They are drafted from the point of view of the lead provider. However, they also tell subcontractors what they should expect to have reviewed and checked by any potential lead provider. Subcontractors may like to consider to what extent the lead provider itself complies with the conditions in the due diligence checklist.
  • Sub-contractor checklist - This is a checklist for the sub-contractor, checklist of questions for sub-contractors. It can also form part of any due diligence process for the lead provider. A scoring system, which could be weighted for particular questions, may help make the most well informed decision.
  • Financial arrangements - This checklist can help to ensure there are robust financial arrangements in place between lead organisations and sub-contractor(s). It looks at the key factors, and offers a model financial agreement. It can also help identify what further action may be needed around financial arrangements
  • LSIS Support for Collaborative Contracting: Toolkit 5 - Sub-contracting - This Subcontracting toolkit looks at three areas:
  1. Sub-contracting; this section will help you find a sub-contracting partner and negotiate the contract/service level agreement (SLA). It includes a model contract/SLA for you to adapt.
  2. Financial arrangements; provides examples of financial annexes to contracts/SLAs.
  3. Dissolving a partnership: provides advice about how to dissolve a partnership successfully.


Activity Strand 2


Activity Strand 3


Briefing – New College Stamford, 15 March 2013


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