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Parliament is the highest legislative authority in the United Kingdom, and is made up of three constituent parts:

  • The House of Commons – The democratically elected chamber of Parliament with 650 MPs who are elected at least every five years.
  • The House of Lords – The second chamber of parliament, which had 780 members as of November 2010, made up of 662 life peers, 92 hereditary peers and 26 bishops.
  • The Monarch – The politically impartial head of state, who grants royal assent to laws passed by parliament, opens and dismisses Parliament each year, delivers the Queen’s speech and appoints the Government following the General Election.

To read more about Parliament's roles and about the Coalition Government visit our further information page.



Constituency Boundaries

One East Midlands has produced a summary of the proposed constituency boundary changes in the region, following their announcement by England’s boundary commission.

The boundary commissioners have reduce the total of MPs in England from 533 to 502 in time for a 2015 general election - the first move in a UK-wide scheme to limit the seats to 600, down from the current 650. It was brought in by the Liberal-Conservative coalition government in an attempt to iron out discrepancies in constituency electorates.

A summary proposed boundary changes in the East Midlands, which will reduce the number of constituencies in the region by two down to 44, can be found here.



Parliamentary Outreach Service

The Parliamentary Outreach Service aims to increase awareness of the work, processes and relevance of the institution of Parliament, encouraging greater engagement between the public and the House of Commons and House of Lords.

Its work includes:

  • Delivering free training explaining the work of Parliament
  • Promoting engagement with Select Committee inquiries
  • Showing how the public can get involved with legislative scrutiny
  • Demonstrating Parliament's relevance to each part of the UK.

One East Midlands is able to supply Parliamentary Outreach training. For further information email



Useful Publications

One East Midlands has also produced a spreadsheet of members of All Party Parliamentary groups who are relevant to the VCS. To request a copy email



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