A brave new world for voluntary sector infrastructure?

The Third Sector Research Centre has published a new working paper entitled A brave new world for voluntary sector infrastructure? Vouchers, markets and demand-led capacity building

Frontline voluntary and community organisations need capacity building support of various kinds, but, in a context of austerity, the writers Caron Walton and Rob Macmillan question how this should be organised and funded.

Policy makers and many funders are rethinking the ways in which such support might be delivered. There is increasing interest in demand-led’capacity building, where frontline organisations choose and purchase the support they require from a range of providers.

In what seems to be a change from previous models of support for infrastructure investment, a market for capacity building looks like it is in the making. However, the sector knows very little about how this extending market is being constructed and how it works.

To read the working paper visit www.birmingham.ac.uk/generic/tsrc/documents/tsrc/working-papers/working-paper-118.pdf?dm_i=A1N,2BDQ1,5J5WNP,8ECX2,1.