Learning report on dementia in BME communities

Age UK and the Race Equality Foundation have published a learning report following their event on meeting the challenge of dementia in BME communities.

The event, funded by the Department of Health as part of their Health and Care Voluntary Sector Strategic Partner Programme, brought together practitioners from across the VCS and statutory sectors to explore ways to deliver better support to BME older people living with dementia.

The report summarises the issues that speakers and participants raised, setting out examples of good practice for statutory services, the VCS and individuals to support BME living with dementia.

To download the report visit www.raceequalityfoundation.org.uk/resources/downloads/dementia-black-and-minority-ethnic-communities.

The learning event also saw the launch of a new briefing paper, entitled Black and minority ethnic communities and dementia: Where are we now?. The paper was produced for the Race Equality Foundation’s Better Health briefing collection. It models the number of people living with dementia in the UK from different ethnic backgrounds and proposes potentially cost-saving strategies for the care and support of these individuals.

To download the briefing paper visit www.better-health.org.uk/briefings/black-and-minority-ethnic-communities-and-dementia-where-are-we-now.