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When considering any changes in your organisation it is worthwhile revisiting the strategic planning for your whole organisation to more clearly identify what you want to achieve, why and how. Trading activity should fit into this in a coherent way rather than being an add on.

There are very many strategic planning tools for VCOs. Some guidance and a few tools are given here.


Links and Tools
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Tools for tomorrow A practical guide to strategic planning for voluntary organisations  A book containing tools to structure strategic planning processes including exercises, case studies and worksheets.(NCVO)

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What is strategic planning  Simple guide to strategic planning process. (Know How Not for Profit)

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Community Sector Trading training for VCOs and infrastructure organisations under Improving Support programme using the balanced scorecard. (Locality)

Website IconWorksheet IconIntermediate icon

Balanced Scorecard on Social Enterprise London's (SEL) website.

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SWOT analysis from Voluntary Matters 1 and 2.
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The Complete Guide to Strategic and Business Planning  Order from website. (Directory of Social Change)

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Social Enterprise Balance interactive website and strategic development tool.

Case studies
Guide IconBasic Icon Stonebridge CIty Farm - realisation need for strategic planning

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