EVDC East Midlands

One East Midlands manages the membership of and provides the administration for the EVDC (England Volunteering Development Council) East Midlands Network.

EVDC is an independent representative and advocacy mechanism for the volunteering. There are nine regional councils, including the East Midlands, and one national council. The EVDCs are independent of Volunteering England's governance structure, although Volunteering England acts as the secretariat for the national EVDC and currently funds the independent chairs and secretariats of the regional EVDCs.

Each of the regional EVDCs aims to capture the intelligence of a broad range of organisations in their region, all of whom share an interest in the future and quality of volunteering and whose combined voices can act as a powerful, co-ordinated lobby to steer government policy and community action. EVDCs identify key volunteering issues and formulate a regional response to them. The responses are communicated across the region and upwards through the national council to influence policy and to create a more volunteer-friendly, volunteering-literate climate, both nationally and regionally, to share emerging and best practice.

If you would like to join the EVDC network email information@one-em.org.uk.

Members of the network receive a monthly EVDC e-bulletin full of regional and national volunteering news. Archive issues of the e-bulletin can be downloaded below.

If you are having difficultly downloading any of the above e-bulletins please email our Information & Membership Officer at information@one-em.org.uk who will be able to assist you.